Langhorns started playing in the summer of 1995 as a result of the band members irresistible urge to do at least something right with their lives. Langhorns is all about instrumental surf country cowboy rock  a la The Ventures but better, lots better. The gun smoke is thick and you can almost see the mysterious speechless cowboys in the horizon or longhaired blonde surfers surfing endless waves in the sunset when you hear this music. To all this the music is a hilarious mix of minimalistic blues-rock, jazz, psychedelia, R&B, flamenco, Latin-rock, Mexican mariachis and the seductive tunes of the Orient.

The tree guys who makes this band comes from the city of Lund in Sweden far away from beaches and crazy surfers has released 3 albums on the swedish label Bad Taste Record, the last album in 2003.

Langhorns – Buccaneer from the selftitled album

Langhorns – Tierra Del Fuego from the selftitled album

Langhorns – Penetration from the selftitled album

Langhorns – Surf´99 from the album “Club Gabaradino”

Langhorns – Switchblade from the album “Club Gabaradino”

Langhorns – Point Neuf from the album “Club Gabaradino”

Langhorns – Spybeat from the album “Mission Exotica”

Langhorns – In Your Fez from the album “Mission Exotica”

Langhorns – El Niño from the album “Mission Exotica”

Dry & Heavy



Dry & Heavy is a Japanese dub and reggae band formed in 1991 by drummer Shigemoto Nanao (a.k.a Dry) and bassplayer Takeshi Akimoto (a.k.a Heavy). The name comes from a renowned Burning Spear album of the same name.

What really makes this band notable is one of their female singers Likkle Mai with her wispy ethereal singing voice, her pixie-like crooning proves a likable contrast to the booming bass-heavy music.

Dry & Heavy molds a thick, slow, rumbling dub sound wellgrounded in the classic roots reggae style mixed up with some cool jazz fusion funky electric propelled guitars kinda thing wich just makes you wanna just sit back relax, smile, enjoy and get together with mr doobie! 

Dry & Heavy – T.K.O from the album “One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Mr. Blue Fame from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Kick The Bong Around from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Triumph from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Dawn Is Breaking from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – The Smoker´s Cough from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – King Cobra Style from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – Tiger Claw Shark from the album “Full Contact”

Gustaf Spetz



Swedish piano-based indie trio Eskju Divine has broken up and frontman Gustaf Spetz is going solo. His debut album “Good night Mr Spetz” will be officially out  tomorrow January 28 on Imperial Records, he delivers dreamy and catchy indie pop/rock piano based with wondeful vocals, it sounds simple, bright and close to the ground. Get´s you in a good mood, perfect!

Please remember to support the artists if like the music by buying their records, thats why i don´t upload full albums!

Gustaf Spetz – Hold Me Like You Used To from the album “Good night Mr Spetz”

Gustaf Spetz – Every Word I Know from the album “Good night Mr Spetz”

Gustaf Spetz – You And Me from the album “Good night Mr Spetz”

Gustaf Spetz – Startin Again from the album “Good night Mr Spetz”

Adam Shaw



Adam Shaw is one of the brightest stars to emerge on the UK tech house/techno scene in the last 12 months, not many djs can trace their roots back to the tender age of 14 and watching their older sister wowing the crowds on the underground house scene, but this is exactly where hot new techno star Adam Shaw first felt the bug that would transform his life. Signed to Toolroom Records and with one release on Deadmau5´s recordlabel Mau5trap this kid is gonna ripp dancefloors apart in the future!

Adam Shaw – Far Cry from the EP “Far Cry”

Adam Shaw – Falling Down from the EP “Far Cry”

Adam Shaw – Dreams Of Korea from the EP “Far Cry”

Bonus track released on Mau5trap recordings.

Adam Shaw – Six Degrees from the EP “Dog / Six Degrees”


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble are a gloriously creepy crawly mutant jazz combo, equal parts DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing, seventies horror movie soundtracks, late night jazz and super sluggish blown out trip hop.

To this day KDJE only released one full album wich is selftitled. They represent as a full on group, not one dude and his laptop, unfurling haunting imaginary soundtracks, dark and dense, smoky and noir, everything in rich lustrous shades of black and grey, shuffling jazzy skitter underpins melancholy moaning horns bathed in reverb, pizzicato strings and minor key guitars hover and dart furtively, a drizzly rainy day jazz dirge, so creepy and mysterious and lovely, and that’s just the first song. The rest of the record wanders similarly rainslicked streets, hat pulled down low, collar pulled way up, face obscured by shadows, the wet streets reflecting the orange grey glow of the streetlights, the buildings like totem poles of shadowy ghosts, the sky a blackish grey, turning the vibrant city into a lonely monochrome.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – The Nothing Changes from the selftitled album

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Amygdhala from the selftitled album

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Solomons Curse  from the selftitled album

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Parallel Corners from the selftitled album

Venetian Snares



Venetian Snares is the main performing alias of Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk. He is Breakcore’s heaviest hitter and always a busy man. He’s made a habit of releasing multiple albums every year and still somehow manages to tour the globe constantly. Although a native Canadian, he’s toured Europe extensively over the past half decade.

I read a pretty funny review about Funk´s music: ” Frankly incredible mash up of noise, jungle, shouting, breaks, unidentified breaking objects and Stevie Wonder on ketamine driving at 400mph down the M1 projectile vomiting to the sound of his own music played at 10 times the normal speed. Venetian Snares has managed to capture the essence of some of the world’s most violent massacres and translate them into a whole funk collector’s collection worth of number one break core hits! Absolutely imperative listening “

Venetian Snares – Twirl from the album “Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms”

Venetian Snares – Swindon from the album “Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms”

Venetian Snares – Plunging Hornets from the album “Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms”

Venetian Snares – Bebikukorica Nigiri from the album “Detrimentalist”

Venetian Snares – Koonut-Kaliffee from the album “Detrimentalist”

Venetian Snares – Poo Yourself Jason from the album “Detrimentalist”




I guess deephouse music is the SHEIT nowadays, so much good stuff coming out that pipeline, talented artists within this genre are finally getting the credit and acclaim they deserve, non more-so than Pawas Gupta. Born and raised to a classical musician in India, Pawas was always destined for a career in music. From initially playing the ”tabla” (Indian drums) alongside his father in concerts, Pawas’ musical progress was evident almost instantly as he quickly taught himself to play numerous other instruments including percussion, bass guitar and keyboards, at age 17 he found electronic music. He then moved to the mekka of deep electronic music Germany with sucess, today he is DJing and producing music worldwide with his base in the wonderful city of Köln! He is signed to Night Drive Music.

I would describe his latest EP “Music For Lazy People” something like moody, deep, dreamy, calming, gourgeus, well produced, jazzy with cool basslines and sometimes techy. 

Pawas feat. Matthias Keul – Piano Rain from the EP “Music For Lazy People”

Pawas – Niceness from the EP “Music For Lazy People”

Pawas – Deep Fruit from the EP “Music For Lazy People”

And as a bonus i give you a killertrack from the work Pawas doing together with BLM!

BLM & Pawas – Down Down  from the BLM & Pawas EP “Together”

Fever Ray


Behind Fever Ray we find Karin Dreijer the former singer of Honey Is Cool and The Knife, this is her first solo project.  The singel is called “If I Had A Heart”  and the dark, mesmerising video was directed by long-time The Knife collaborator Andreas Nilsson, who has also directed videos for Jose Gonzalez, White Lies, Moby and Goldfrapp. 

The song´s opening is dark and hypnotic and you don’t quite know where it’s going to go next, however, it ends up going somewhere fantastic. A brooding organ plays under a gnawing sound, like Jaws on downers, as the eerie vocals come in over the top: “This will never end/Cos I want more/If I had a heart I could love you/If I had a heart I could sing…” It sounds like someone at the end of their tether.

From nowhere comes a female vocal, ushered in on an almost shamanic wail that lifts the song into lighter, less claustrophobic waters. It takes on the echo of a Native American cry, but still with that mean looping sound maintaining the song’s dark undertone.

The song feels like it could erupt at any second into a hail of rioting guitars, but brilliantly, it never does. Instead it ebbs and flows slowly along on the menacing heartbeat like sound and eventually, just ends.

Fever Ray – If Had A Heart from the single “If I Had A Heart”


Black Moth Super Rainbow is an American experimental band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their music contains elements of psychedelia, folk, electronica and pop. Their distinctive sound is characterized by analog electronic instuments including the vocoder, Rhodes piano and Novatron.

This is how they describe themselvs: “Deep in the woods of western Pennsylvania vocoders hum amongst the flowers and synths bubble under the leaf-strewn ground while flutes whistle in the wind and beats bounce to the soft drizzle of a warm acid rain. As the sun peeks out from between the clouds, the organic aural concoction of Black Moth Super Rainbow starts to glisten above the trees.”

The members of BMSR got the lovely names of Father Hummingbird, Tobacco, Power Pill Fist, The Seven Fields Of Aphelion and Iffernaut.  Some of the members also got their soloprojects going, please check out Tobacco´s latest album “Fucked Up Friends” and Power Pill Fist´s album “Kongmanivong”.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Forever Heavy from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Jump Into My Mouth And Breathe The Stardust from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Sun Lips from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippy Eye from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too from the album “Start A People”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Early 70´s Gymnastics from the album “Start A People”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – 1 2 3 Of Me from the album “Start A People”


BMSR have released a free album in September 2008 called “Bonus Drippers EP”, with the notice:  “these are some of our older, unreleased songs.  they are meant to be free, so please feel free to post them on blogs, message boards, etc.”

Year of Release: 2008
Label Self-Released
Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic
Bitare: 320kbps

Track List:
1. The Dark Forest Joggers (Dandelion Gum Vinyl Exclusive)
2. Unfinished Sketch 1 (Unreleased 2007)
3. Let’s Burst (Unreleased 2005)
4. Flower Beast (Unreleased 2005)
5. Melting On The Meadow (Start A People Outtake, 2003)
6. Unfinished Sketch 2 (Unreleased 2005)
7. Day On A Bike (Unreleased 2006)
8. Unfinished Sketch 3 (Unreleased 2006)
9. Side 9 (Unreleased Studio Version, 2004)

Download album here !

Seva K


seva-kOhh the year of 2009 started of pretty damn good with a release from the man from one of Russias oldest citys Novogorod in the northeasten part, the album is called “The Album”, 11 tracks of the most beautiful deephouse i heard in a long time, sometimes pretty techy! Seva K is signed to one of the most intresting labels nowadays deepology, this is a russian label that have served us with so much good music lately, i almost started crying reading their opinon of music:

” The label music policy is non-commercial house music in all forms. Our mission is to promote elite musical culture, avoiding bringing it to the mainstream. Our path in music is in perceiving, extracting and conservation of the deep and natural sound of music. Not being framed by style definitions we create in space from deep to electro, from disco to techno”.

Seva K – Youth from the album “The Album”

Seva K – Feeling Of A Measure from the album “The Album”

Seva K – Zero Gravity from the album “The Album”

Seva K – Warm Me from the album “The Album”