baiyonKyoto-based Baiyon aka Tomohisa Kuramitsu is a multi-faceted artist whose work ranges from DJing and producing Techno, House and experimental music, to graphic design – where he has a deceptively child-like cartoon style. As a visual artist, Kuramitsu is going by the name Wet Side and applies his unique expression to many things ranging from posters to clothing, and collections of copyright-free graphics wich also has a  huge demand from promoters and other artists. The picture above is from the exhibition EyeRhyme in 2005.

First music i heard from Baiyon was from the Pixel Junk videogame and it blew me away to outerspace!

Baiyon – 637 Volpe (Garden 1) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”

Baiyon – Summer In Winter (Garden 4) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”

Baiyon – Swept The Rain (Garden 6) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”
Baiyon – Druck Der Farben (Garden 9) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”

Baiyon – Return (Garden 10) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”


3 Responses to “Baiyon”

  1. Love your blog! I added you to my blog list. Are you from the north artic or south?

  2. I guess from the north:)

  3. othersidedmusic said

    Yes you got it, i´m living above the arctic circle in the very northern part of Scandinavia.

    I added your blog to, thank you Panda!!

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