Thievery Corporation



I don´t really know what to say about Thievery Corporation, they are in some kind of twilight zone, everybody knows about them but their still underground, anyhow, while remaining true to their template of sophisticated, abstract electronica, they are continuing to expand their sonic palette with 2008’s album “Radio Retaliation”. Dub, Funk, Indian raga, Brazilian grooves, and other international elements are folded into Thievery Corporation’s trip-hop-shaded soundscapes. Guests include Afro-beat royalty Femi Kuti, sitar guru Anushka Shankar, go-go godfather Chuck Brown, and Brazilian singer Seu Jorge, among others, lending sparkle and variation to the wide-ranging set. At the center of it all is the knob-twiddling alchemy of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, which achieves one of its most organic and compelling expressions. Get ready for some catchy world tunes!

Thievery Corporation (feat. Sleepy Wonder) – Sound The Alarm from the album “Radio Retaliation”

 Thievery Corporation (feat. Femi Kuti) – Vampires from the album “Radio Retaliation”

Thievery Corporation (feat. Seu Jorge) – Hare Krsna from the album “Radio Retaliation”

Thievery Corporation (feat. Chuck Brown) – The Numbers Game from the album “Radio Retaliation”


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