Ohh let me introduce you to Dave Huismans a.k.a 2562 from Holland, his music is fanatically detailed, employing minimal elements for a resoundingly maximalist agenda; micro-edited clusters of conga, snare and snap-clap do the lion’s share of the work, but it’s Dave Huisman’s spatial sense which lends the music its special quality – he knows when to build up a juddering Jenga tower of drum sounds and he knows when to strip everything back to a slick, elegantly curved 4×4 pulse. In short, he keeps things interesting, deploying all the rhythmic tics and tricks of 2-step, techno and dub to produce a heavy but peculiarly weightless, streamlined kind of dance music.

2562 – Channel Two from the album “Aerial”

2562 – Movern from the album “Aerial”

2562 – Basin Dub from the album “Aerial”

2562 – Kameleon from the album “Aerial”


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