Takka Takka


takka-takkaWith fleshed out mellow guitar riffs and ethereal soundscapes, Takka Takka has conjured a retro-dreamy blend of alternative rock on their highly anticipated sophomore album, “Migration”. Sure enough, Takka Takka has produced an album hotter than the devil’s workshop to illustrate their abstractly perfect blend of tangled drums and crooning vocals. “Migration” drenches itself with rapturous melodies and a laid-back mash up of smooth indie rock ‘n’ roll. “Silence” reverberates with slow-tempo percussions and stringy guitar jams that result in finger-tapping ecstasy. Gabe Levine’s droning hymns and Conrad Doucette’s soft bass highlight their musical za za zsu, extending to the artsy yet swaggering tunes (“Fall down where you stand”) and ghostly musical arrangements (“Change, No Change”).

Takka Takka – Silence from the album “Migration”

Takka Takka – Fall Down Where You Stand from the album “Migration”

Takka Takka – Change, No Change from the album “Migration”

Takka Takka – Everybody Say from the album “Migration”

One Response to “Takka Takka”

  1. apa said

    This i like smoooth sounds… And a wery well illustruated presentation…

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