Fever Ray


Behind Fever Ray we find Karin Dreijer the former singer of Honey Is Cool and The Knife, this is her first solo project.  The singel is called “If I Had A Heart”  and the dark, mesmerising video was directed by long-time The Knife collaborator Andreas Nilsson, who has also directed videos for Jose Gonzalez, White Lies, Moby and Goldfrapp. 

The song´s opening is dark and hypnotic and you don’t quite know where it’s going to go next, however, it ends up going somewhere fantastic. A brooding organ plays under a gnawing sound, like Jaws on downers, as the eerie vocals come in over the top: “This will never end/Cos I want more/If I had a heart I could love you/If I had a heart I could sing…” It sounds like someone at the end of their tether.

From nowhere comes a female vocal, ushered in on an almost shamanic wail that lifts the song into lighter, less claustrophobic waters. It takes on the echo of a Native American cry, but still with that mean looping sound maintaining the song’s dark undertone.

The song feels like it could erupt at any second into a hail of rioting guitars, but brilliantly, it never does. Instead it ebbs and flows slowly along on the menacing heartbeat like sound and eventually, just ends.

Fever Ray – If Had A Heart from the single “If I Had A Heart”


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