hauschkaHauschka, the alias of Volker Bertelmann, is based in Düsseldorf, his fourth full length album is called “Ferndorf”. This pianist and composer explores every chamber instrument in its full capacity. On Ferndorf (translating into ‘remote village’ from German), Hauschka brings in two cellists, violinist and even a trombone player to construct modern classical pieces that are pleasant on the ear and the soul.

Five out of twelve tracks appear to be “purely improvised”, yet elicit strong musicianship from the participating players. Alluding to his birthplace in rural Germany, the trip along the memory lane, is an upbeat skip and hop. Here, Bertelmann revisits his childhood influences contributing to his decade long affair with the piano. Where most major-chord filled pieces usually fill me with a post-neo-classical dread of scale walking, Hauschka keeps restraint and tends to concentrate on execution and message of each individual piece. Of course, no such trip ever occurs without a touch of melancholy. Please check out Fat Cat Records where Bertelmann releases his music on, so much interesting music on that label.

Hauschka – Schönes Mädchen from the album “Ferndorf”

Hauschka – Heimat from the album “Ferndorf”

Hauschka – Nadelwald from the album “Ferndorf”

Hauschka – Neuschnee from the album “Ferndorf”

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