This blog is really about music, this post is only for the one´s that missed the movie (hopefully not that many) Zeitgeist, wich is film that was released on Google Video in the spring of 2007 and was created by Peter Joseph. Essentially the video covers three areas of Interest.

Part I, entitled “The Greatest Story Ever Told” evaluates Christian beliefs and asserts that it was all taken from pre-existing myths, primarily Egyptian mythology.

In Part II, entitled “All The World’s a Stage” it goes on to talk about how the US Government knew about the attacks on September 11th, 2001 before hand and that it was a large conspiracy and cover up — essentially an it was an inside job.

Lastly we are told in Part III, entitled “Don’t Mind The Men Behind The Curtain”, that powerful bankers and world leaders are conspiring for world domination and consolidation of power.

Remeber not to believe in all thing you hear and read but this movie will for sure open your mind and get you thinking! Go HERE and watch the full movie for free.



4 Responses to “Zeitgeist”

  1. Ziyad said

    zeitgeist is great. i watched it about a year and a half ago and it started me thinking about the state of the world. i recommend you watch ‘the esoteric agenda’ its kind of a level up from zeitgeist.

  2. iasonas said

    i once thought that zeitgeist was the shit until i checked out a dude named chris white, he has a podcast named nowheretorun and a website by the same name where he de-bunks this movie for exactly what it is, lies. if you really wan blow your mind check him out and believe not what astro-theosophy tells you to, do the research and make sense of things on your own. if the answer was really that easy to obtain we would all know it by now.

  3. Monwabisi said

    Zeitgeist is true and the truth sets us free but in townships so many people are not aware of such information I wish I could bring the Zeitgeist movement to my township

  4. The movie is more than great – there’s much underground and important information in the internet – but here everything really important is included.
    BUT this movie is not as good as the second movie “Zeitgeist Addendum” – better watch this movie first.
    It is also the basic of the Zeitgeist Movement and it’s better structured and presents a solution, too. (The first movie missed that)
    Both movies are (legally) free to watch online.

    You can find the Link for ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM above

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