DARK ART. – Ad Astra Per Aspera


I have made a new mixtape called “Ad Astra Per Aspera”. Click HERE to listen. It´s a gloomy drone/acidjazz story with lots of different horns. Hopefully you enjoy it.


2 Responses to “DARK ART. – Ad Astra Per Aspera”

  1. Myles said

    just wanted to let you know about my new Treasure Hunt record, Seatec Astronomy.

    It’s one long piece split into ten different sections, meant to evoke a shamanistic ritual/festival

    here’s a link for download: http://www.mediafire.com/?z34jm4lzk42y9lw

    and my bandcamp: http://treasurehunt.bandcamp.com/album/seatec-astronomy

    I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it.

  2. Ragge said

    Nice job. But this was new six months ago.. Anything new in the pipe?

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