This is a blog from a distant planet called “The Other Side” where everything is about music, music that is uncommercialized, music made from core by people who loves what they doing and never is afraid of stepping outside the musical frames.

“Without music life would be a mistake” ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche ~

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”  ~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~

Best Regards

For contact, please: othersidedmusic@gmail.com



7 Responses to “About”

  1. james said

    Hey, saw your site in the comments of go bananaz, think it is great, going to get to some of the music now, would love to put a link to it from mine, have a look if you like http://www.tuneraider.blogspot.com any comments very welcome, have a great new years party.

  2. Kayser said

    Hey guys! Very nice and clean layout, as well as links to genre’s at the lowest part of the page helps navigation very well. Good job. 😛

    Hope you guys grow and continually provide a good outlet for “uncommercialized music.” 😀

  3. RH said


    What a great blog. Beautiful design as well.

    If you’d like, take a listen to the home/lo-tech, basic, music I’m doing. I suppose it would be considered experimental, kind of noisy, very raw, kind of all over the place.

    Band is Jimmy Juliano and the Fluorescents.

    Please look at http://design.focusdesign.com/blog/ . Music link on that page to a large number of songs.


  4. Carl Craig said


  5. othersidedmusic said

    I´m not sure what you mean Carl? I´m not uploading full albums, i see the songs here like promotion for the artist. Hope you can see that!

    Pretty sure many readers here buying the records if they enjoy the music!

  6. Don Simon said


    Liking your blog! Just wanted to point you in the direction of our new label out of Stockholm!

    We release creative and forward thinking artist within IDM, techno and minimal. Always with a melodic and melancholic vibe. Ten top notch releases so far. Pre-listen and download for FREE from our web:


    Check out the mixes section too.


    Don Simon

    Astor Bell

  7. farooqiart said

    It is great work of art collection , I wish to be part of this…with regards

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