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Finally i got my motivation back to spread uncommercial music to people, got no visitors left but i if you read this, this is for you!

I start out with this mysterious artist called “iamamiwhoami”, its a big topic out there and everybody wonders who is behind, perhaps its revealed. Last thing i heard was that it is the swedish singer “Jonna Lee”.

Anyhow they feature synthy, atmospheric pop music, with breathy, effected, and unintelligible female vocals. They’re also remarkably well produced, suggesting that whoever is behind this knows what they’re doing and has a little money to work with.

A big must is checking their Youtube Channel where all the super weird videos and songs are uploaded.

Here is my favorite song:



This is some of the dopest shit made, Bentmatter doing visuals for Mike Mcsuede! Just enjoy the genius Hunter S Thompson in a diffrent way!


I often get music to my emailaccount, some of it i don´t like, some of it i do like and now i found out that there is even music that i have to make a blogpost out of just because its just to odd and strange. I really love people that just don´t follows the standard musical frames, like Jimmy Juliano And The Fluorescents, im guessing the man behind it is some kind of genius  because you have to have brains to make this kind of music (if it´s even called music), i even got a album sent to me THANKS!!

You have to klick HERE and listen, don´t forget to give this man one big HIGHFIVE!



baiyonKyoto-based Baiyon aka Tomohisa Kuramitsu is a multi-faceted artist whose work ranges from DJing and producing Techno, House and experimental music, to graphic design – where he has a deceptively child-like cartoon style. As a visual artist, Kuramitsu is going by the name Wet Side and applies his unique expression to many things ranging from posters to clothing, and collections of copyright-free graphics wich also has a  huge demand from promoters and other artists. The picture above is from the exhibition EyeRhyme in 2005.

First music i heard from Baiyon was from the Pixel Junk videogame and it blew me away to outerspace!

Baiyon – 637 Volpe (Garden 1) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”

Baiyon – Summer In Winter (Garden 4) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”

Baiyon – Swept The Rain (Garden 6) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”
Baiyon – Druck Der Farben (Garden 9) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”

Baiyon – Return (Garden 10) from the album/videogame “Pixel Junk”