Sorry for the lack of post the last month but i´ve been pretty much out of order with a bad knee, but hey everythings about to get better with a successful surgery from the best doctor in Scandinavia and springtime on the rise you can´t feel down!

In the past month i´ve been listening to loads and loads of new music though and one of the albums that been on repeat is Mozdzer, Danielsson & Fresco´s “Between Us And The Light”

This trio consists the most superb polish piano player Leszek Mozdzer accompanied by Swedish bass player Lars Danielsson and the Israeli percussion player – Zohar Fresco, have created something of a Dream Team Trio. This Dream Team sounds like a dream indeed – lightly, dynamically, with the touch of reflection at times. And as in a good poetry – imagination does not argue with discipline, and the visualization comes along with intellectualism.


Mozdzer, Danielsson & Fresco – Abraham´s Bells from the album “Between Us And The Light”

Mozdzer, Danielsson & Fresco – Light Up The Lie from the album “Between Us And The Light”

Check out the cover they made on Nirvanas “Smells Like Teen Spirit” HERE



hauschkaHauschka, the alias of Volker Bertelmann, is based in Düsseldorf, his fourth full length album is called “Ferndorf”. This pianist and composer explores every chamber instrument in its full capacity. On Ferndorf (translating into ‘remote village’ from German), Hauschka brings in two cellists, violinist and even a trombone player to construct modern classical pieces that are pleasant on the ear and the soul.

Five out of twelve tracks appear to be “purely improvised”, yet elicit strong musicianship from the participating players. Alluding to his birthplace in rural Germany, the trip along the memory lane, is an upbeat skip and hop. Here, Bertelmann revisits his childhood influences contributing to his decade long affair with the piano. Where most major-chord filled pieces usually fill me with a post-neo-classical dread of scale walking, Hauschka keeps restraint and tends to concentrate on execution and message of each individual piece. Of course, no such trip ever occurs without a touch of melancholy. Please check out Fat Cat Records where Bertelmann releases his music on, so much interesting music on that label.

Hauschka – Schönes Mädchen from the album “Ferndorf”

Hauschka – Heimat from the album “Ferndorf”

Hauschka – Nadelwald from the album “Ferndorf”

Hauschka – Neuschnee from the album “Ferndorf”


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble are a gloriously creepy crawly mutant jazz combo, equal parts DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing, seventies horror movie soundtracks, late night jazz and super sluggish blown out trip hop.

To this day KDJE only released one full album wich is selftitled. They represent as a full on group, not one dude and his laptop, unfurling haunting imaginary soundtracks, dark and dense, smoky and noir, everything in rich lustrous shades of black and grey, shuffling jazzy skitter underpins melancholy moaning horns bathed in reverb, pizzicato strings and minor key guitars hover and dart furtively, a drizzly rainy day jazz dirge, so creepy and mysterious and lovely, and that’s just the first song. The rest of the record wanders similarly rainslicked streets, hat pulled down low, collar pulled way up, face obscured by shadows, the wet streets reflecting the orange grey glow of the streetlights, the buildings like totem poles of shadowy ghosts, the sky a blackish grey, turning the vibrant city into a lonely monochrome.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – The Nothing Changes from the selftitled album

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Amygdhala from the selftitled album

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Solomons Curse  from the selftitled album

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Parallel Corners from the selftitled album

Free The Robots


RobotsA little jazz, a little classical, a little trip-hop sometimes breakbeats and a little old school hip-hop gives you the eclectic Cali producer Chris Alfaro a.k.a Free The Robots, perhaps one of the most unique and promising sounds I’ve heard in a while, i admit it sounds like a super weird blend of genres but it´s really well produced and so good that it will blow you away! I´m really excited in what the future will give Free The Robots and also what the next album will sound like!

“If you want to know what the future of music is- it is here. it is everything you know, but like nothing you’ve ever heard.” – Clayton (Jazz in June) –

Free The Robots – Jazzhole from the album “Free The Robots EP”

Free The Robots – Yoga Fire from the album “Free The Robots EP”

Free The Robots – Session Two from the album “Free The Robots EP”

Free The Robots – How Is The World? from the album “The Prototype”

Free The Robots – Space And Time from the album “The Prototype”

Free The Robots – The END… from the album “The Prototype”