Tropic Netlabel



I love netlabels and there is a vast variety of them. One of them is called TROPIC NETLABEL and is from Frankfurt/Germany and is releasing all music for free with the philosophy:

“to give a talented variety of artists a home for their music and bulit up a worldwide collective based on fine electronic music. Tropic is non commercial, open minded and colorful. No matter if its House, Electronica, Ambient or Techno, it has to be special with a warm feeling”

“We lost a lot of good netlabels the last years because the digital market is growing so much, but what about selling a few copies that nobody realizes indeed of reaching thousands with a netlabel and get love from all over the world. In these days of capitalism, promotion and marketing strategies, we are a embassy of  community based and noncommercial music. Enjoy the music as always 🙂 spread love!”

Tropics latest release “5 Years Of Tropic Netlabel” is mixed with basic channel style chords, ambient soundscapes and deep basslines that is the perfect combination for every dubtechno lover.

Get the album HERE! 



Hailing from the northern part of Sweden this young man has been committed to music since day one, you never know what is the next genre his mixing up! He has been running clubs and DJing in Europe and America, take a listen to his mixtapes and give him a big ups!




Behind the name Siprut we find the 17 year old Alexander Zaritovsky from St.Petersburg who started out doing music in 2007, he got such a good deep and sometime dark touch on everything he is doing. He´s got a pretty wide spectrum on the music he is making such as dubstep, ambient, dub, techno and drum n bass.

The latest release he made on the polish netlabel Qunabu with the EP “Bridge To Macrocosmos”, you can download it on their site together with many other good stuff.

In march this year he made a track called “Ruined Town” together with Bisweed from Estonia, you just have to listen to it what a masterpiece!



Finally i had my first DJ gig under the name of DEEP ARCTIC and what a success, the music i play is deep electronic music, everything from dubstep via techno via electro to funky stuff. I try to give the people a musical experience with music that´s not commercial, one thing is for sure people gonna dance! Made that pretty clear the other day i had my gig.

For bookings




There haven´t been that much reggaemusic here at Othersided so let me therefor give you the best at once! Glesbygd´n is a band consisted by 9 musicians from a little village in the far north of Sweden called Arvidsjaur, the name Glesbygd´n is also translated “sparsely-populated area” in english.

They are producing the most perfect rootreggae with a lot of influences from dub, folk and soul mixed up with a beautiful melancholy and sad touch. The leadsinger Arvid has a pretty unic singingvoice and in the new album he is singing in a old swedish dialect called “Arvidsjaurbondska”.

In the song “Áiga ” they have invited a special guest called Simon Issat Marainen who is doing a eyewettening Sami Jojk.  

Glesbygd´n feat. Simon Issat Marainen – Áiga (From the album Tid’n Lid) 

Boozoo Bajou



Behind the name Boozoo Bajou we find the two producers Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider from NĂźrnberg Germany, widely respected around the globe for their unique blend of modern electronica with blues, jazz, soul, latin and dub elements. But on the latest album released early this month called “Grains”, the duo take a lighter and brighter path, absorbing acoustic folk and classic songwriting into their progressive musical journey.

Boozoo Bajou is signed to one of my all time favorite labels !K7 Records, the name is an abbreviation of the company’s original Berlin address, Kaiserdamm 7 (they have since relocated to Heidestr. 52). 

Boozoo Bajou – YMA from the album “Satta”

Boozoo Bajou – Night Over Manaus from the album “Satta”

Boozoo Bajou – Under My Sensi from the album “Satta”

Boozoo Bajou – Keep Going from the album “Dust My Broom”

Boozoo Bajou – 9 Below Zero from the album “Dust My Broom”

Boozoo Bajou – S.I.P. from the album “Dust My Broom”

Boozoo Bajou – Same Sun from the album “Grains”

Boozoo Bajou – Tonschraube from the album “Grains”

Boozoo Bajou – Fuersattel from the album “Grains”

Got this email the other day:

“…Dear Ladies & Gentlemen
We are the music publishing company for Boozoo Bajou. To avoid legal difficulties for yourself please remove all Boozoo Bajou soundfiles from this blog

Thanks for understanding and helping the artist to buy food for their children. They only live from making AND selling music.

As respect i took all the songs away, but i´m NOT uploading full albums and i´m pretty sure people on this blog see the songs as promotion, readers wich enjoying the music – buys the records!!

Hopefully you all understand that i´m trying to help the artist in selling more records and music!!

Dry & Heavy



Dry & Heavy is a Japanese dub and reggae band formed in 1991 by drummer Shigemoto Nanao (a.k.a Dry) and bassplayer Takeshi Akimoto (a.k.a Heavy). The name comes from a renowned Burning Spear album of the same name.

What really makes this band notable is one of their female singers Likkle Mai with her wispy ethereal singing voice, her pixie-like crooning proves a likable contrast to the booming bass-heavy music.

Dry & Heavy molds a thick, slow, rumbling dub sound wellgrounded in the classic roots reggae style mixed up with some cool jazz fusion funky electric propelled guitars kinda thing wich just makes you wanna just sit back relax, smile, enjoy and get together with mr doobie! 

Dry & Heavy – T.K.O from the album “One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Mr. Blue Fame from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Kick The Bong Around from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Triumph from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Dawn Is Breaking from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – The Smoker´s Cough from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – King Cobra Style from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – Tiger Claw Shark from the album “Full Contact”


I don´t really know what to say about Thievery Corporation, they are in some kind of twilight zone, everybody knows about them but their still underground, anyhow, while remaining true to their template of sophisticated, abstract electronica, they are continuing to expand their sonic palette with 2008’s album “Radio Retaliation”. Dub, Funk, Indian raga, Brazilian grooves, and other international elements are folded into Thievery Corporation’s trip-hop-shaded soundscapes. Guests include Afro-beat royalty Femi Kuti, sitar guru Anushka Shankar, go-go godfather Chuck Brown, and Brazilian singer Seu Jorge, among others, lending sparkle and variation to the wide-ranging set. At the center of it all is the knob-twiddling alchemy of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, which achieves one of its most organic and compelling expressions. Get ready for some catchy world tunes!

Thievery Corporation (feat. Sleepy Wonder) – Sound The Alarm from the album “Radio Retaliation”

 Thievery Corporation (feat. Femi Kuti) – Vampires from the album “Radio Retaliation”

Thievery Corporation (feat. Seu Jorge) – Hare Krsna from the album “Radio Retaliation”

Thievery Corporation (feat. Chuck Brown) – The Numbers Game from the album “Radio Retaliation”