Hailing from the northern part of Sweden this young man has been committed to music since day one, you never know what is the next genre his mixing up! He has been running clubs and DJing in Europe and America, take a listen to his mixtapes and give him a big ups!




Behind the name Siprut we find the 17 year old Alexander Zaritovsky from St.Petersburg who started out doing music in 2007, he got such a good deep and sometime dark touch on everything he is doing. He´s got a pretty wide spectrum on the music he is making such as dubstep, ambient, dub, techno and drum n bass.

The latest release he made on the polish netlabel Qunabu with the EP “Bridge To Macrocosmos”, you can download it on their site together with many other good stuff.

In march this year he made a track called “Ruined Town” together with Bisweed from Estonia, you just have to listen to it what a masterpiece!



Another supergood release from my favorite netlabel iD.EOLOGY! This is Kosmonaut a deep space, drum n bass, dubstep thing called Photon!

” Just as one thing can be viewed entirely different in different light, depending on how you view it light itself can appear as entirely different things – as wave or as particle. The photons which light consists of are neither the one thing nor the other, and yet they’re both at the same time.

On his superluminal trips through the electromusical universe Kosmonaut had plenty of opportunities to delve deeply into the nature of light, and enough inspiration to record his findings in the universal language of music. On long-wave basses he drags us down into the hypnotic maelstrom of a black hole of infinitely compressed dubstep, lets perishing melodical fragments flash up one last time before the energetic darkness swallows them entirely. What started out as drum’n’bass from another world, bursts into a supernova of brilliantly variegated tone colours, emits shockwaves of pulsating beats and blows a harmonic particle-storm through our gray cells.

Purists may now wonder whether Kosmonaut is about dubstep or about drum’n’bass. Much in the vain of the wave-particle-dualism he is neither about the one thing nor about the other, and yet he’s about both at the same time. In the end, though, much like the photon itself, Kosmonaut really is about one thing: energy “




Finally i had my first DJ gig under the name of DEEP ARCTIC and what a success, the music i play is deep electronic music, everything from dubstep via techno via electro to funky stuff. I try to give the people a musical experience with music that´s not commercial, one thing is for sure people gonna dance! Made that pretty clear the other day i had my gig.

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Sound Of Gällivare



A new era is on the rise, my new music project is called SOUND OF GÄLLIVARE. It´s all about good dancemusic, staying up all night and spread the love to music.

Please check it out HERE !

//Safecracker Jackson//

Harmonic 313



First of all sorry for the lack of posts, been on a short vaccation! So let me make up for this and give you some untouchable tunes.

Jedi Knights and Global Communication’s Mark Pritchard returns to Warp Records to release his debut album “When Machines Exeed Human Intelligence” under the guise of Harmonic 313. Not to be confused with his hip- hop inspired library music compositions with Dave Brinkworth as Harmonic 33, Pritchard has created his own vision of the future of electronica, taking influence from the dubstep scene mixed up with robotic sounds, spacebeats and deep and sometimes dark approach.

A mix of electro beats, harsh distorted basslines, atmospheric washes and Detroit like stabs, the album cements Pritchard’s position as one of the UK’s most diverse and eclectic electronic producers.

Please check out Harmonic 313´s website it´s pretty rad!

Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron from the album “When Machines Exeed Human Intelligence”

Harmonic 313 – Quadrant 3 from the album “When Machines Exeed Human Intelligence”

Harmonic 313 – Dirtbox from the EP “Dirtbox”

Harmonic 313 – The Returners from the EP “Dirtbox”

Harmonic 313 – Problem 3 from the EP “1”

Harmonic 313 – Problem 4 from the EP “1”




Ohh let me introduce you to Dave Huismans a.k.a 2562 from Holland, his music is fanatically detailed, employing minimal elements for a resoundingly maximalist agenda; micro-edited clusters of conga, snare and snap-clap do the lion’s share of the work, but it’s Dave Huisman’s spatial sense which lends the music its special quality – he knows when to build up a juddering Jenga tower of drum sounds and he knows when to strip everything back to a slick, elegantly curved 4×4 pulse. In short, he keeps things interesting, deploying all the rhythmic tics and tricks of 2-step, techno and dub to produce a heavy but peculiarly weightless, streamlined kind of dance music.

2562 – Channel Two from the album “Aerial”

2562 – Movern from the album “Aerial”

2562 – Basin Dub from the album “Aerial”

2562 – Kameleon from the album “Aerial”




The area of what is now Mongolia has been ruled by various nomadic empires, including the Xiongnu, the Rouran, the Xianbei, the Gökturks, and others. The Mongol Empire was founded by Gengis Khan in 1206.Today approximately 30% of the country’s 2.9 million people are nomadic or semi-nomadic.

Mongolia has a very old musical tradition. Key traditional elements are throat-singing, the Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle) and other string instruments, and several types of songs. Mongolian melodies are typically characterized by pentatonic harmonies and long end notes.

In the 20th century, western style classical music has been introduced, and mixed with traditional elements by some composers. The songs i present here is very dubstep/electronic orientated blended with traditionally mongolian folk music.

Cosmik Connection – Ulaan Baator Dub from the album “IOT: Mongolian Expedisound”

Midilink – Mongoliak from the album “IOT: Mongolian Expedisound”

Atomik Dog – Nomadic Child from the album “IOT: Mongolian Expedisound”

Arok – Steppe In from the album “IOT: Mongolian Expedisound”

Otisto 23 – Mongol Step from the album “IOT: Mongolian Expedisound”