Chiselled electro beats à la Drexcyia progressively intervene Germanic, Kraftwerk-esque robotic voices and stark, cold synthesisers calling for a dark and glooming souvenir of Tangerine Dream meets Kraftwerk and John Carpenter in a futuristic goth melodrama, profound and dramatic like a wannabe human robot in the perfect water walking style. Immense. No one really knows for sure who or what Arpanet is. The album “Inertial Frame” TALKS the listener into derivative reflections on quantic physics and pays tribute to the works of 20th century great scientists. This is some weird shit but hey i´m LOVING IT!!!

Arpanet – Twin Paradox from the album “Inertial Frame”

Arpanet – Event Horizon from the album “Inertial Frame”

Arpanet – Gravitational Lense from the album “Inertial Frame”

Arpanet – Infinite Density from the album “Inertial Frame”

Arpanet – Grossvater Paradoxon from the album “Inertial Frame”