Jon Wayne



Just discovered a dope fucking hiphop track John Wayne  – Numbers Of The Hoard released on Stones Throw Records. 

KenLo Craqnuques


Ohhh my god! This Africa-born, Montreal-based beat conductor KenLo Craqnuques is pretty much dropping the megabomb! He is doing some kind of hyperfuturistic, sidechained, nintendo-ed-out hiphopstuff with soulfull glitchy basslines and laidback samplemelodies! Get the album “Cailloux Germés” HERE and get blown away. The album is released on the ever so reliable ERROR BROADCAST.

Error Broadcast


error broadcast

Please let me introduce you all to Error Broadcast wich is is a record- and a netlabel who releases all their music in reasonable quality for free or purchase uncompressed audio and to make you kids remember what it was like back in the days, every release is accompanied by a limited edition of vinyl 7″s with password to download exclusive tracks and remixes.

Error Broadcast refers to Chuck D´s idea of Rap as an alternative social organ. The term works as a tribute to traditional Golden Age Hip Hop the same as it underlines the collective’s self-perception as “independent”. 

 The latest release is called “Bag Of Nothingness” wich is a compilation that features 17 fresh new artists , each of them delivering their respective style of unique experimental Hip Hop. Heads from the US, Germany, Russia, UK and many other countries are with us. From “Bag of Nothingness” you can guess what the brand Error Broadcast will represent in the future: undogmatic Hip Hop joints, equally influenced from contemporary abstract electronic (dance-) music, DIY culture and digital turntablism, you know this is one of those albums where all tracks are good. BIG UPS I LOVE THIS!!!

01. The Great Mundane – Juno Had a Rough Day
02. Comfort Fit – Rock da Dam (feat. Portformat)
03. Lambent – Biscits
04. AEED – Particles
05. Katrah-Quey – Laster of Peace
06. Benny B. Blonco – Wizard Swing Warriors
07. Himuro – Die Faultiere
08. B-Ju – Philly Run
09. Chewy Benson – Tapp that Motherbored
10. Comfort Fit – Bag of Nothingness
11. Apes On Tapes – Out for a Shrink Pink Drink
12. Rob Steady – Un Samedì Soir sur la Terre
13. Maguett – Fog Movement)
14. Kirby Ditko – Headfirst
15. Code Inconnu – Cold Little Finger
16. (costa) – Small Flame
17. Niteffect – Therapy


Black Grass



So listen up all dancefreaks, let me introduce you for Black Grass who is giving us a tight and eclectic blend of sounds, ranging through broken beat, ragga to hip-hop to ska to funk to latin and back again via soulful grooves that will make those dancing feets move for sure, spanning multiple genres and styles, whilst maintaining a consistent vibe with a groovy feel. The hip-hop stylings are present and combine seamlessly with the apparent influences that make Black Grass an absolute class act.

Signed to Catskills Records, this label was formed 1997 by a London/Brighton collective to release underground talent from their home turf. The label represents the best that both scenes has to offer, and has since spread it’s wings to Europe and the rest of the world with the signing of many international artists. Unlike other record labels there is no formula, no particular style and no particular genre of music that represents Catskills. They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again loudly for the people in the cheap seats; “it’s all about the headnod Factor, if it’s got it then we’ll spin it ’til it breaks our necks”.

Black Grass – Bless from the album “Three”

Black Grass – Bass Man from the album “Three”

Black Grass – This & That from the album “Three”

Black Grass – Nice Up from the selftitled album

Black Grass – Ain´t The Man from the selftitled album

Black Grass – Passion from the selftitled album


After two compilations for the fashion designer Barbara Bui, and a five years DJing career on the French electronic scene, Emmanuel Santarromana releases his first album in 2003, Métropolitain. He offers us an unforgettable journey into the cosmopolitan heart of Paris. Along with the Parisian subway, Emmanuel explores the different styles and cultures of the famous areas and tube stations: from Arabian influences (“Barbès”), to hip-hop (“Les Halles”), African vibrations and vocals (“Château Rouge”), melancholic pop (“Père Lachaise”), jazzy moods (“Saint-Germain-des-Prés”) and electronic sounds sprinkled on Vivaldi nisi dominus (“Opéra”). Métropolitain is a very unique vision of Paris, sophisticated, melodic and impressionist, full of colors, emotions and sounds. An album featuring the rapper Mike Ladd, the African Divas, and more surprising the famous designer Andrée Putman with a poem written by Boris Vian.

Emmanuel Santarromana – Metropolitain from the album “Métropolitain”

Emmanuel Santarromana – Barbés from the album “Métropolitain”

Emmanuel Santarromana – Trocadéro from the album “Métropolitain”

Emmanuel Santarromana (feat. Mike Ladd) – Les Halles from the album “Métropolitain”

Emmanuel Santarromana (feat. André Putmann) – Saint Germain Des Prés from the album “Métropolitain”

Emmanuel Santarromana (feat. Nôze) – Luxembourg from the album “Métropolitain”

Free The Robots


RobotsA little jazz, a little classical, a little trip-hop sometimes breakbeats and a little old school hip-hop gives you the eclectic Cali producer Chris Alfaro a.k.a Free The Robots, perhaps one of the most unique and promising sounds I’ve heard in a while, i admit it sounds like a super weird blend of genres but it´s really well produced and so good that it will blow you away! I´m really excited in what the future will give Free The Robots and also what the next album will sound like!

“If you want to know what the future of music is- it is here. it is everything you know, but like nothing you’ve ever heard.” – Clayton (Jazz in June) –

Free The Robots – Jazzhole from the album “Free The Robots EP”

Free The Robots – Yoga Fire from the album “Free The Robots EP”

Free The Robots – Session Two from the album “Free The Robots EP”

Free The Robots – How Is The World? from the album “The Prototype”

Free The Robots – Space And Time from the album “The Prototype”

Free The Robots – The END… from the album “The Prototype”