In his native Persia, Mohammad Eghbal a.k.a Ahura grew up in an environment which was very much inspired by the Sufi tradition. His father published books and texts mainly on philosophy, poetry and mystics. Mohammad got deeply touched by a Dervish who was playing the Reed-Flute/Ney and singing songs from the mystic RUMI. From this time, his main goal was to work with the healing energy of rhythm and sound. With scientific precision, he built many instruments by himself and learnt to use their sounds and vibrations.

Today, he is a master of the Oriental Ney, the Persian Dombak, the Oriental Oud and of course his main instrument, his voice. Mohammads deep connection with the earth fuses with the sky-oriented whirling dance of the Dervishes. The Union of breath, sound and rhythm leads to inner harmony and fosters a deep healing process.

Ahura – Daschti For Baba from the album “Baba Taher”

Ahura – Baba Taher from the album “Baba Taher”

Ahura – Seda from the album “Baba Taher”

Ahura – Hal from the album “Baba Taher”