Spacer Woman!




I’m a Spacer Woman Don’t you worry bout me I don’t want to hurt you I just want to love you We can start it over Come on be my lover You will be my mentor/danger Let me be your stranger I want to know I need your love I can’t go on I must be sure I come from Space I want to know If i can do My love is true 

Opeth – Heritage



Just a quick reminder of Opeths latest album “Heritage” that was released in september 2011. Sick cover and some really good tracks in there. JUST GET IT!

This record is more stoner/psych influenced than previous records.



So let me introduce you to Phasen, this young dude Ryan Parmer from Florida who has come a long way in the scene producing electronica only four years. Phasen has released on labels alongside acts such as Kettel, Funckarma, Lusine, and other notables and has worked on remix projects along with artists from Warp, Merck, Ghostly, Rephlex, Echochord and Planet Mu.

The release “Well Chuffed” he released on the netlabel I / O and is a dreamy electronic melancholic downtempo thing, you get the album HERE! . Here a track i found on the tube wich is little more techy!



This is some of the dopest shit made, Bentmatter doing visuals for Mike Mcsuede! Just enjoy the genius Hunter S Thompson in a diffrent way!


Mephuser is an experimental electronic project based in berlin/germany. its sample-based music (layered composition) is influenced by low-hi electronics, sounds/textures, field recordings and psychedelics.

To describe this album, which took two years to create, seems to be impossible at all. Mephuser takes us on a tour through his world and beyond. He shows us the diversity of his stylistic ideas by letting them slip into this kaleidoscope of tracks. You won’t stay in one place for too long as Mephuser is always already round the next corner with something new for you. But this album is neither just a conglomeration nor the mere, cold proof of musical excellence: it is a composition like a day, a year or a life in 50 minutes.

Mephuser – Mercy Limit (released 13.09.2009 on tonAtom)


I often get music to my emailaccount, some of it i don´t like, some of it i do like and now i found out that there is even music that i have to make a blogpost out of just because its just to odd and strange. I really love people that just don´t follows the standard musical frames, like Jimmy Juliano And The Fluorescents, im guessing the man behind it is some kind of genius  because you have to have brains to make this kind of music (if it´s even called music), i even got a album sent to me THANKS!!

You have to klick HERE and listen, don´t forget to give this man one big HIGHFIVE!


Someone once described Kate Bush the most stoned woman in Britain; Brightblack Morning Light might earn the sobriquet of most stoned band in New Mexico.  They are just about rooted in their once native Alabama and early 70s blues-loving rock but their sound is actually over-stoned; so thick and immersive you could almost rock-crit to the max and announce “heroin folk”. 

Naybob Shineywater Pens mystic lyrics about rainbows, hologram buffaloes and living in a little tent down by the river — and he’s got the hippie bona fides to back it up. With his partner, Rachael Hughes, Shineywater lives in a solar-powered home in New Mexico, where the pair typically craft psych-rock blues albums under the name Brightblack Morning Light.

Brightblack Morning Light – A Rainbow Aims from the album “Motion To Rejoin”

Brightblack Morning Light – Hologram Buffalo from the album “Motion To Rejoin”

Brightblack Morning Light – Oppressions Each from the album “Motion To Rejoin”

Brightblack Morning Light – Summer Hoof from the album “Motion To Rejoin”

Amon Tobin



I guess (and hope) you all heard of Amon Tobin a.k.a Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin if not i´m pretty sorry for your lifes!! He is without doubt one of the biggest underground heroes alive on planet earth today, who has delivered so much good music the past decade, this blogpost is a celebration of Tobins´s career!

The Brazilian musician, DJ, and producer known for his massive sound walls blending trip-hop sampled jazz fused with drum and bass, intelligent dance music and samba, often with a pretty dark and deep approach is best known for his use of sampling, where a small section of a previous recording is manipulated to produce a new sound. His use of this technique has changed over the course of his career. On his original singles under Ninebar and his first three albums, Tobin acquired all of the samples to produce music from his personal collection of vinyl records, nowadays he manipulates the sounds with a combination of audio hardware and software, and the original source is often not recognizable in its new context. His techniques began branching into technical sound design, taking break beats or single instruments, modifying specific frequencies, and producing new sounds. Tobin is signed to the ever so reliable label Ninja Tunes.

Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis from the album “Supermodified”

Amon Tobin – Saboteur from the album “Supermodified”

Amon Tobin – Always from the album “Foley Room”

Amon Tobin – At The End Of The Day from the album “Foley Room”

Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse from the soundtrack album to the videogame “Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory”

Amon Tobin – Hokkaido from the soundtrack album to the videogame “Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory”

Amon Tobin – Easy Muffin from the album “Bricolage”

Amon Tobin – Wires & Snakes from the album “Bricolage”

Amon Tobin – Run from the soundtrack EP to the horror movie “Taxidermia”

Amon Tobin – Bath Scene from the soundtrack EP to the horror movie “Taxidermia”


Black Moth Super Rainbow is an American experimental band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their music contains elements of psychedelia, folk, electronica and pop. Their distinctive sound is characterized by analog electronic instuments including the vocoder, Rhodes piano and Novatron.

This is how they describe themselvs: “Deep in the woods of western Pennsylvania vocoders hum amongst the flowers and synths bubble under the leaf-strewn ground while flutes whistle in the wind and beats bounce to the soft drizzle of a warm acid rain. As the sun peeks out from between the clouds, the organic aural concoction of Black Moth Super Rainbow starts to glisten above the trees.”

The members of BMSR got the lovely names of Father Hummingbird, Tobacco, Power Pill Fist, The Seven Fields Of Aphelion and Iffernaut.  Some of the members also got their soloprojects going, please check out Tobacco´s latest album “Fucked Up Friends” and Power Pill Fist´s album “Kongmanivong”.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Forever Heavy from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Jump Into My Mouth And Breathe The Stardust from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Sun Lips from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippy Eye from the album “Dandelion Gum”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too from the album “Start A People”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Early 70´s Gymnastics from the album “Start A People”

Black Moth Super Rainbow – 1 2 3 Of Me from the album “Start A People”


BMSR have released a free album in September 2008 called “Bonus Drippers EP”, with the notice:  “these are some of our older, unreleased songs.  they are meant to be free, so please feel free to post them on blogs, message boards, etc.”

Year of Release: 2008
Label Self-Released
Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic
Bitare: 320kbps

Track List:
1. The Dark Forest Joggers (Dandelion Gum Vinyl Exclusive)
2. Unfinished Sketch 1 (Unreleased 2007)
3. Let’s Burst (Unreleased 2005)
4. Flower Beast (Unreleased 2005)
5. Melting On The Meadow (Start A People Outtake, 2003)
6. Unfinished Sketch 2 (Unreleased 2005)
7. Day On A Bike (Unreleased 2006)
8. Unfinished Sketch 3 (Unreleased 2006)
9. Side 9 (Unreleased Studio Version, 2004)

Download album here !