Glesbygd´n released a new album the other day called “En Hand Som Värjer Kronans Tyngd”. To this also 3 music videos that you find down below. This 8 member strong constellation delivers fine jazz-reaggea with often political lyrics sung in a noth swedish dialect called “Bondska”. Their music is too good for humanity, just get the album HERE!




There haven´t been that much reggaemusic here at Othersided so let me therefor give you the best at once! Glesbygd´n is a band consisted by 9 musicians from a little village in the far north of Sweden called Arvidsjaur, the name Glesbygd´n is also translated “sparsely-populated area” in english.

They are producing the most perfect rootreggae with a lot of influences from dub, folk and soul mixed up with a beautiful melancholy and sad touch. The leadsinger Arvid has a pretty unic singingvoice and in the new album he is singing in a old swedish dialect called “Arvidsjaurbondska”.

In the song “Áiga ” they have invited a special guest called Simon Issat Marainen who is doing a eyewettening Sami Jojk.  

Glesbygd´n feat. Simon Issat Marainen – Áiga (From the album Tid’n Lid) 

Black Grass



So listen up all dancefreaks, let me introduce you for Black Grass who is giving us a tight and eclectic blend of sounds, ranging through broken beat, ragga to hip-hop to ska to funk to latin and back again via soulful grooves that will make those dancing feets move for sure, spanning multiple genres and styles, whilst maintaining a consistent vibe with a groovy feel. The hip-hop stylings are present and combine seamlessly with the apparent influences that make Black Grass an absolute class act.

Signed to Catskills Records, this label was formed 1997 by a London/Brighton collective to release underground talent from their home turf. The label represents the best that both scenes has to offer, and has since spread it’s wings to Europe and the rest of the world with the signing of many international artists. Unlike other record labels there is no formula, no particular style and no particular genre of music that represents Catskills. They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again loudly for the people in the cheap seats; “it’s all about the headnod Factor, if it’s got it then we’ll spin it ’til it breaks our necks”.

Black Grass – Bless from the album “Three”

Black Grass – Bass Man from the album “Three”

Black Grass – This & That from the album “Three”

Black Grass – Nice Up from the selftitled album

Black Grass – Ain´t The Man from the selftitled album

Black Grass – Passion from the selftitled album

Dry & Heavy



Dry & Heavy is a Japanese dub and reggae band formed in 1991 by drummer Shigemoto Nanao (a.k.a Dry) and bassplayer Takeshi Akimoto (a.k.a Heavy). The name comes from a renowned Burning Spear album of the same name.

What really makes this band notable is one of their female singers Likkle Mai with her wispy ethereal singing voice, her pixie-like crooning proves a likable contrast to the booming bass-heavy music.

Dry & Heavy molds a thick, slow, rumbling dub sound wellgrounded in the classic roots reggae style mixed up with some cool jazz fusion funky electric propelled guitars kinda thing wich just makes you wanna just sit back relax, smile, enjoy and get together with mr doobie! 

Dry & Heavy – T.K.O from the album “One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Mr. Blue Fame from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Kick The Bong Around from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Triumph from the album ” One Punch”

Dry & Heavy – Dawn Is Breaking from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – The Smoker´s Cough from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – King Cobra Style from the album “Full Contact”

Dry & Heavy – Tiger Claw Shark from the album “Full Contact”