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Terry Lee Brown Jr. is a true master of deep house!


Nicolas Jaar



Came across a Nicolas Jaar track i have not heard before its called Russian Dolls and of course its another banger.

Spacer Woman!




I’m a Spacer Woman Don’t you worry bout me I don’t want to hurt you I just want to love you We can start it over Come on be my lover You will be my mentor/danger Let me be your stranger I want to know I need your love I can’t go on I must be sure I come from Space I want to know If i can do My love is true 

Sure Thing!


38 Teitsuo Miyahara Jazz St Germain 1968

God damn this track is surely one of my all time favorite track, ENJOY!

Lukas Klang



Thanks Lukas Klang for spreading some amazing sets on soundcloud. Just take some hours of your time and get blown away. Here is my favorite set called “Ein Tag Im Grünen”.


Im in love with Soundcloud, its fantastic how you can stumble into good tracks. This is one of those cases. I dont know anything about Chrischou & Kleintierschaukel, only thing i know is that they produce some amazing stuff.

Just listen to this masterpiece!

Opeth – Heritage



Just a quick reminder of Opeths latest album “Heritage” that was released in september 2011. Sick cover and some really good tracks in there. JUST GET IT!

This record is more stoner/psych influenced than previous records.


Socket Science assembled the latest edition of the Yap Xap podcast out of Berlin. Contains a few melancholic tunes, a bit of acid, and later on some heavier beats.”

Amazing 82 minutes.

Jon Wayne



Just discovered a dope fucking hiphop track John Wayne  – Numbers Of The Hoard released on Stones Throw Records. 

Promo Shot

Cover (Front)

” After finding something he’d been looking for in an untidy room, Small Colin left Scotland and went to Jönkoping (that’s in Sweden) to make music for people to listen to before, after and during designing furniture. This is however not the only reason, it is also intended to impress his girlfriend and her friends. From his studio thru the medium of music Small Colin has already taken someone out of a coma, prevented 27 suicides, caused 3, mended 16789674 broken hearts, and persuaded one of gods angels out of having an abortion. He now lives on James Bond Island and has an heir to his throne in the form of a small volcano.”

In the beginning of march this year Small Colin released his first full lenght album called “Tape Productions” on the Cologne based label REC72. Tape players were used extensively in the recording of this album so digital recorded intruments were tranfered to tape then transferred back from tape.  The tracks were then mixed, transferred to tape one last time, then transferred back to computer. This takes time and commitment.

The music that Smaill Colin creates is some kind of breezy minimal lo-fi, both happy and melancholic moods if offered. You get the feeling that the whole album is highly deliberate from first track to tha last, We LOVE this.

Get the album HERE!   

(Make notice of the pictures each track has in the download Zip)

04 - Reach Out